Mister Richardson's
Church History Class

Chapters 44,45,48,49 Review Questions

1. What was the Plan of Union? Which churches were involved?

2. Who was Timothy Dwight?

3. What were the camp meetings and who led them?

4. Which church groups came out of the camp meetings?

5. Who were some American missionaries in the early 1800's?

6. Who was Charles Finney?

7. Who were Joseph Smith and Brigham Young?

8. Explain the history and beliefs of Mormonism.

9. Who was William Miller?

10. What do the Seventh Day Adventists believe?

11. What is Spiritualism?

12. Who founded Christian Science and what do they believe?

13. Who founded Jehovah's Witnesses and what do they believe?

14. How did churches handle the slavery issue during the Civil War era?

15. Who was Dwight Moody?

16. What is the YMCA?

17. What are the Fundamentals?

18. What is Liberalism?

19. Who was J. Gresham Machen?

20. What is the Ecumenical Movement?

21. Who were Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Francis Schaeffer?

22. What are the Dead Sea Scrolls?