Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapters 33-38 Review Questions

1. Who was Jacobus Arminius?

2. What are the 5 points of Calvinism?

3. Who was George Fox?

4. What are the beliefs of the Society of Friends (Quakers)?

5. Who was Philip Jakob Spener?

6. What did the Pietists believe?

7. What does ecclesiolae in ecclesia mean?

8. Who was August Franke?

9. How are Socinianism, Unitarianism, and Modernism alike?

10. Who was Count von Zinzendorf?

11. Who was John Wesley and George Whitefield?

12. What were the beliefs of the Methodists?

13. What are lay preachers?

14. What is deism?

15. What is the difference between the Low Church Party and the High Church Party?

16. Who was Edward Irving?

17. What were the beliefs of the Catholic Apostolic Church?

18. What were the beliefs of the Plymouth Brethren?

19. Who was William Booth?

20. What were the beliefs of The Salvation Army?