Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapters 28,31,32 Review Questions

1. Why is William Tyndale important to English church history?

2. What was the Act of Supremacy?

3. Why did Henry VIII want to leave the Church of Rome?

4. What were some of the changes in the church under Edward VI?

5. Why was Queen Mary called "Bloody"?

6. Who was Thomas Cranmer?

7. What is the official creed of the Church of England?

8. Who were Thomas Cartwright and the Puritans?

9. Who were the Separatists?

10. What was King James's view of law?

11. Who were the Cavaliers and the Roundheads?

12. Who was Oliver Cromwell?

13. Why was the Westminster Assembly important?

14. What were the major issues and events in the English Civil War?

15. Who was John Bunyan?

16. How did Charles II treat the Puritans?

17. Why were William and Mary invited to rule England?

18. What was the Toleration Act of 1689?

19. Who was Robert Browne?

20. Who was William Brewster and John Robinson?

21. Who was John Smyth?

23. What were the two groups of Baptists in the 1600's in England?