Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapter 27: The Reformation in Scotland

1. Patrick Hamilton first brought the Reformation to Scotland.
2. He studied at Wittenberg, under Martin Luther.
3. He preached the gospel throughout Scotland and was burned as a heretic in 1528.
4. In the 1540's, George Wishart began preaching in Scotland and was also burned as a heretic.
5. John Knox took over Wishart's work at St. Andrews in 1547.
6. The French took Knox captive and he served as a galley slave for about a year and a half.
7. Influential Englishmen obtained his release and he began to serve in King Edward VI's court.
8. While here, he helped formulate the beliefs of the Anglican Church.
9. When Edward died and his sister, Mary, became queen, Knox left England for Geneva.
10. Here he met John Calvin and pastored an English-speaking congregation.
11. When Mary died, he went back to Scotland in 1559 and began preaching.
12. In 1560, Scotland officially became a Presbyterian country.
13. John Knox died on November 24, 1572.