Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapter 23

1. Luther believed that all Christians are priests, not just some.
2. He believed in only two sacraments, not seven.
3. He also believed that the sacraments were not necessary for salvation.
4. Prayers to Mary and the saints, veneration of relics, monasticism, purgatory, bishops, and transubstantiation were all discarded by Luther and his followers.
5. Luther translated the Bible into German and worship services were in German.
6. Luther's Shorter Catechism was written to educate the younger people in the doctrine of the Reformation.
7. Congregational singing and a new hymnbook were introduced.
8. Luther married a former nun in 1525.
9. Philipp Melancthon published the first systematic presentation of Luther's theology in Loci Communes.
10. The Augsburg Confession was written in 1530 to summarize the Lutherans' beliefs.