Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapter 21: Luther’s Early Life


  1. Martin Luther was born in Germany on November 10, 1483.
  2. Luther went to school in Erfurt where he obtained a Master's degree in 1505.
  3. He intended to become a lawyer.
  4. However, during a thunderstorm, Luther vowed to become a monk.
  5. He left the study of law to study theology at an Augustinian monastery.
  6. He was ordained as a priest in 1507.
  7. He then taught the Bible in the university at Erfurt and later at Wittenberg.
  8. In 1510, Luther was sent to Rome to help decide a dispute among the Augustinians.
  9. While there, he noticed the profaneness of the clergy and the city.
  10. Luther was tortured by his sins and would spend many hours in confession.
  11. He found peace when he realized that we are saved by faith and not by works.
  12. In 1517, while at Wittenberg, Luther became alarmed at the teachings of John Tetzel.
  13. Luther posted 95 Theses on October 31 in order to discuss these issues.
  14. This was the spark that ignited the Protestant Reformation in Europe.
  15. To attack indulgences was to attack the entire system of the Roman church.
  16. There were 3 fundamental elements to Luther's complaints: a)The Bible should be the final authority in the church; b)All believers have direct access to Jesus Christ; c) The church is the people, not the leaders.

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