Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapter 21-23 Review Questions

1. What is penance? What are its three parts?

2. What are indulgences?

3. What are works of supererogation?

4. Describe Martin Luther's conversion experience.

5. What were the 95 Theses? Name one.

6. What effect did the 95 Theses have?

7. Why was Luther excommunicated?

8. What was the Leipzig Debate?

9. What were Luther's "Three Great Reformation Treatises"?

10. What happened at the Diet of Worms?

11. What happened to Luther after the Diet of Worms?

12. What were some of the changes that Luther introduced into the church?

13. What major work did Luther do at the Wartburg Castle?

14. What was the Augsburg Confession?

15. Who was Philip Melanchthon?

16. Who was Catherine von Bora?

17. Who was Leo X?

18. Who was Charles V?

19. Who was Andreas Karlstadt?

20. Who was Prince Frederick?