Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapter 19

A. Boniface VIII
1. Boniface VIII was pope from 1294 to 1303.
2. King Philip IV of France wanted to tax the clergy, while Boniface thought clergy should be exempt from taxes.
3. Philip then cut off all money leaving France, thereby cutting the pope's income.
4. Boniface then excommunicated Philip.
5. Philip then sent soldiers to arrest Boniface, but just detained him and treated him roughly.
6. Boniface was set free, but never got over this incident. He died a few weeks later.
7. No pope had ever been so mistreated by an emperor.
8. This eventually led to what is known as the Babylonian Captivity of the Church.
9. Boniface is also responsible for issuing the bull, Unam Sanctam, in his battle with Philip.

B. The Babylonian Captivity (1309-1376)
1. The Babylonian Captivity of the Church was a period of time in which the popes were under the control of the French king and lived in France.
2. They resided in Avignon, rather than Rome.
3. During this time, England put an end to the tribute paid to the pope.
4. The papacy lost much prestige during this time.

C. The Great Schism (1389-1417)
1. The Italians were not happy with the popes living in France, so they appointed their own pope in 1378.
2. This dispute between the Italians and the French is known as the Great Western Schism.
3. In 1409, the Council of Pisa, deposed the two popes and elected another pope.
4. Neither pope would step down, leaving three popes.
5. The Council of Constance settled the problem in 1417 by deposing the three popes and appointing yet another, Martin V.