Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapter Chapter 17-20 Review Questions

1. What were the Crusades?

2. Who was Urban II?

3. Who was Innocent III?

4. What is an interdict?

5. What were some of the decisions made by the Fourth Lateran Council?

6. What were some of the monastic orders founded during this period?

7. Who was Francis of Assisi?

8. What are mendicant orders?

9. What is scholasticism?

10. Who was Thomas Aquinas?

11. What is a bull?

12. What was the Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy?

13. What was the Great Schism of 1378-1417?

14. What does it mean to be anathematized?

15. Who were the Albigenses?

16. Who were the Waldenses?

17. What was the Inquisition?

18. a. Who was John Wycliffe? b. Who were the Lollards?

19. Who was John Hus?

20. What were the 3 main purposes of Church Councils between 1409 and 1449?

21. Who was John of Wessel?

22. Who was Erasmus?