Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapter Chapter 6-7 Review Questions

1. Who wrote The City of God and what is it about?

2. Who was the first monk to become a pope?

3. What was the Byzantine Empire?

4. When did the Western Roman Empire fall?

5. List the barbarian tribes that invaded the Roman Empire.

6. What were some of the things that Gregory the Great did?

7. When and by whom was Rome first sacked?

8. What two things did the Church believe needed to be done with the Barbarians?

9. Who was John Chrysostom?

10. List the early church missionaries and where they ministered.

11. What is the difference between clergy and laity?

12. Where is Gaul?

13. Where is Angleland?

14. Who was the founder of monasticism?

15. What were three signs of deterioration in the church? (according to Protestants)