Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapter 4: Contstantine

A. In this sign, conquer
1. Constantine was proclaimed emperor in Britain in 306.
2. He had been a worshiper of Mithra.
3. Maxentius claimed the eastern part of the Empire.
4. Constantine and Maxentius met at Milvian Bridge for battle.
5. Constantine had a vision of the cross the night before the battle.
6. On the cross was the phrase, in hoc signo vinces.
7. Constantine won the battle and felt that the Christian God had given him the victory.

B. The Edict of Milan
1. The Edict of Milan was issued by Constantine in 313.
2. This officially stopped the persecution of Christians by the Empire.
3. It also gave Christians the freedom to worship.

C. Importance of Constantine
1. His rule was a major turning point in world history.
2. The world began to view Christianity differently.
3. Benefits were given to the Church.
4. Sunday was legally recognized as a day of rest.
5. The Council of Nicaea met at Constantine's request to unify the Church on the doctrine of Jesus Christ.
6. There became a close connection between Church and State.

D. Problems with Constantine
1. People joined the Church to impress the emperor, or other selfish reasons.
2. Power, prestige, and wealth began to corrupt the Church.
3. The connection between Church and State became too close.

E. Paganism's last days
1. Julian, raised as a Christian, became emperor in 361.
2. He renounced Christianity and became a pagan.
3. He tried to revive Paganism with government favors.
4. He attempted to persecute Christians.
5. His attempts failed because of lack of support.
6. He is known to history as Julian the Apostate.