Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapter 1: The New Testament Church

A. Preparation for the Gospel
1. Rome ruled the Mediterranean world.
2. This included most of Europe, north Africa, the Middle East, & Britain.
3. The official language of the Empire was Latin.
4. The language & culture of the common people was Greek.
5. Travel and communication around the empire was easier even than today.
6. Knowledge of the Old Testament came through the Septuagint, a Greek translation made in Alexandria, Egypt, around the second century, BC.

B. Beginning of Christianity
1. The day of Pentecost began the work of the New Testament Church.
2. The Apostles were the first leaders of Christianity.
3. At first, they preached only to the Jews.
4. Later, they preached even to the Gentiles.
5. Peter was the early leader of the Apostles, but Paul, through his writings, was to have more influence.
6. Great works and miracles occurred under the leadership of the Apostles.
7. As a result of the work of the Apostles, many churches were formed and the New Testament was written.
8. By the time the Apostles had died, Christianity had spread throughout the Empire and beyond.
9. The Temple was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70, further separating Christianity from Judaism.

1. What is the Church? What is its work? Who is its head?
2. What event is considered to have started the New Testament Church?
3. Why would Pilate write the placard for the cross of Jesus in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin?
4. How did the Roman Empire help the spread of the gospel?
5. Why did God allow His Temple to be destroyed by the Romans?