Mister Richardson’s
Church History Class

Chapter 1-3 Review Questions

1. Who is the head of the Church?

2. What is a canon?

3. What is a creed?

4. List four Roman emperors who persecuted the Church.

5. What is an apologist? List two apologists.

6. What is the difference between Church Fathers and Apostolic Fathers?

7. What is an episcopal form of church government?

8. What is a presbyterian form of church government?

9. What is a heresy? Which heresies did the early church face?

10. Why and how were Christians persecuted?

11. What were the catacombs?

12. What were the common languages of the first century?

13. How did Paul and Peter die?

14. List three ways the Roman Empire helped Christianity?

15. What was the Septuagint?

16. What event started the New Testament Church and who was in charge?

17. List some of the Church Fathers.

18. List some of the Apostolic Fathers.