Mister Richardson's
Church History Class

Chapter 1 Outline

A. Background of the Church

  1. Covenant with Abraham - Genesis 17
  2. Temple worship
  3. Prophecy of the Messiah


B. Nature of the Church

  1. Spiritual, not physical
  2. Jesus the fulfillment of prophecies
  3. Jesus as the atonement


C. Physical preparation for the Church

  1. Roman rule
  2. Ease of transportation
  3. List Caesars of the Bible


D. Spiritual preparation for the Church

  1. Greek language
  2. Greek philosophy


E. Expansion of the Church

  1. Work of the Holy Spirit - Acts 2
  2. Missionary desire
  3. Role of the Apostles
  4. Chronology of New Testament


F. Character of the Church

  1. Love, humility, and communion
  2. Dissensions and factions - 1 Corinthians 1


1. What is the Church? What is its work? Who is its head?
2. What event is considered to have started the New Testament Church?
3. Why would Pilate write the placard for the cross of Jesus in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin?
4. How did the Roman Empire help the spread of the gospel?
5. Why did God allow His Temple to be destroyed by the Romans?